Cleveland Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr still hampered by hip injury

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr intends to perform on Sunday despite an ongoing hip injury which prevents him out of”opening up and running”.
Beckham was not recorded for the season opener against the visiting Tennessee Titans.
On the status of an illness he’s been coping with for months , he updated reporters on Thursday. He didn’t play in the pre-season.
“It’s like a very speedy car with just like a small alignment or some thing off,” he said. “And it’s right in the centre of everything you require. Now, the vehicle can proceed, but it’s dangerous, you know what I mean?
“So, it is just something I have been trying to work out, in and out of rehabilitation every single moment. Never dealt with anything like that.”
26, beckham, missed 16 of 32 games. He played 16 games only once (2016) in five years there.
The three-time Pro Bowl selection said that the damage is becoming better.
“It’s something which hopefully keeps progressing and gets better and not worse,” he said.
“But it is just something you’ve got to deal with. We have a game so it’s time to go. … I’ll be running as quickly as I can operate. If that’s not a hundred, I’m confident in myself that wherever I am at, I will be ready to play with wherever I’m at.”

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