Jacoby Brissett signs two-year contract extension with Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts have agreed to some two-year $30m (#24.8m) contract expansion with brand new starting quarterback Jacoby Brissett, according to numerous reports.
NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport additional that Brissett will make $20m (#16.6m) ensured at registering.
Brissett was in the final year of his four-year newcomer contract and has been set to earn $2m (#1.6m) in 2019. He was named the Colts’ quarterback following the retirement of Andrew Luck on August 24.
Brissett is currently 5-12 as a starter.
He has 3,500 yards passing in his career with 13 touchdowns and seven interceptions.
The move came just hours after the Colts signed New England Patriots quarter-back Brian Hoyer back around Brissett.

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