Liverpool warn supporters in Naples to be ‘vigilant’ over fears of violence from Napoli fans

Liverpool have cautioned their supporters Naples to stay inside their hotels and avoid wearing club colours over anxieties to their safety.
Ahead of their opening Group E battle Napoli on Tuesday, the Reds issued advice simply to go to the scene on designated buses and to”remain vigilant” in areas away from the town’s vent more than fears of violence out of rival supporters.
Many Liverpool fans were treated for stab wounds when they last visited the town throughout the 2010-11 Champions League campaignwhen reports explained Reds fans as being”searched” by Napoli ultras.
Even the Premier League club have advised travelling supporters that”before match-day, (they) should remain within their various resorts to drink and eat” and”shouldn’t congregate (on mass) in public places and should avoid getting isolated”.
They also stated:”Supporters are recommended not to wear club colours away from the vent area (and) any fans wishing to go to the inner regions of Naples city should remain vigilant and know they might be targeted at petty theft, assault and vandalism.”
Supporters also needs to”not make their own way into the stadium due to threats to their personal safety. This is important even if your hotel is near to the scene”.
Liverpool fans are told to congregate no more than 15:30 in the Naples Marine Terminal for shuttle buses to the stadium, the last leaving no later than 18:30, and they’ll be hauled back within the San Paolo Stadium for a minumum of one hour after the full-time whistle.

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