Oscars 2019 Betting

Annually in Los Angeles, all of the beautiful people of Hollywood collect together to hand gold-plated trophies and tap each other on the back in an event called the Academy Awards. The first service took place in 1929, and it has grown into an yearly pop culture phenomenon filled with style and pageantry. Some watch for the awards, while millions of others tune in to see exactly what the celebs are wearing on the red carpet.
Along with watching the big event, fans of gambling and/or cinema may also take advantage of Oscars betting. Most sportsbooks provide a smattering of alternatives around awards season, along with the savvy cinephile has an opportunity to clean up on a couple of underdog bets.
Oscar Voting Works
Oscar winners are voted on by the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. There are approximately 6,000 associates in this business, 33% of which can be comprised of prior award nominees. The other 67% are nominated by current members and voted in by the Academy’s governing body.
In most categories, nominees are determined by the members of that specific category. By way of instance, directors determine the nominees for Best Director. The finest Picture nominees are voted on by all members, and categories such as Documentary and Australian Film are selected by a particular panel.
Once the nominees are announced, members can vote at all available categories. The results have been tabulated and announced during the yearly telecast of the Oscars (held in late February). Winning or being nominated for an Oscar raises a film’s earnings, and male actors can enjoy a salary bump of around 81%.
Academy Award Betting Options
Some sportsbooks supply a vast selection of wagers for the Oscars, though some limit the number to two or one. The following are among the most frequent:
Futures Winner — Many sites offer you future bets on Oscar winners before the nominations are even announced. The odds are greater due to the degree of doubt, but the possible payout is also higher.
Outright Winner — These odds are released after the nominees have been announced, and they allow bettors to forecast the outright winners for various categories. Best Picture and Best Actor are always a given, however some websites may take wagers on Screenplay, Cinematography, as well as Best Animated Feature.
Over/Under — If a movie is nominated for multiple Oscars, expect an over/under to be available. In this kind of wagering, the bettor must choose if the actual number of awards won will be higher or lower than the amount recorded by the oddsmaker.
Proposition Bets — Also called”prop bets,” this type of bet can cover a wide range of subject matter. Examples may include the over/under about the length of the series, the new apparel worn by a celebrity, or whether or not the host requires a selfie with someone during the broadcast. Some oddsmakers can become rather wild with this alternative.
Predicting Oscar Winners

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