Steps To A Successful SEO Campaign

Search SEO CampaignIt’s about time we started writing our own thoughts and processes on what we at Social Optimizers think about the key factors are in effective organic search optimization. By the way, my name is Carl and I am one of the managing partners.

It really is ironic because we have provided and ghost written so many articles about SEO / SEM or Web Analytics for our clients and we never really took a second glance in claiming ownership of our words. Unfortunately, because of our contracts with our high level clients, we can never truly disclose these ghost written articles, however, we just have the ability to write original pieces of content for ourselves.

In other words, we are really good wordsmiths that applied these sentences into action. So in our very first Social Optimizers article, we would like to share with you our thinking behind how we run our SEO campaigns.

To start off, for us, running a successful SEO campaign can be a real challenge if not taking the right steps to getting to your goal.  Some people assume that all is needed for a successful campaign is a boat load of back linking to their site and not taking to account the necessary steps to obtain a SEO friendly site.  Here are a couple of strategies to look for when trying to obtain a successful marketing campaign.

Competitive Analysis:  Running a competitive analysis with your competitor’s site is a must and is one of the first things to be done before running a new campaign. Analyzing a competitor’s site that is ahead of you in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) rankings can help you understand why they are ahead of you in rankings and also get an idea on what has to be done to your campaign.

Keyword Research:  A key part of a successful SEO campaign. It is a practice we thoroughly to target specific words that describes the type of business of the site.  If your site is targeting the wrong keywords, search engines and your consumers may not be able to find your site, resulting in loss of business and wasted campaign resources.

Site Audit: Take a long look at your site.  Check for things that would prevent your site from being seen by search engines.  Check for your H1 tags, H2 tags, Meta tags, Meta keywords, Meta descriptions, Image-alt tags and Page Titles if they are labeled correctly.  Also, check if your site has the right “Call to Action” keywords, these keywords will determine if your visitor will continue on the process of your site or end there visit there.

Back Linking/ Social Media Marketing: Creating a back linking strategy and social media marketing are important steps on maintaining daily traffic to your site.  By creating new content and posting your content to other sites.  Your chances of being visited are greatly increased.

Web Analytics: Having a tool to measure the traffic or visitors that enter your site is a critical process in running a successful SEO campaign.  By being able to analyze traffic and visitors that enter your site, you can measure how well or how bad your campaign is going.  You can also measure on how a visitor interacts to your site and how you can make your site better to suit your customers.

These are just a few steps on how we run a succesful search campaign.  There are other steps that are not included in this post, so the question is, do you want to Learn More?


  1. We are going to write up an article that tackles off-page optimization. Stay tuned!

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