Picking The Right Analytics Tool – The Free Platforms

Web analytics have become such a key platform in today’s online ecommerce businesses. If your business model revolves around your web site, it is very important to understand how your visitors behave as they navigate your various pages and offerings. It helps you identify who your customers are and quickly react, and even be proactive, in optimizing your site for your main business goals. Our article will help identify which free platforms that makes sense for what you need.

Steps To A Successful SEO Campaign

Search SEO CampaignIt’s about time we started writing our own thoughts and processes on what we at Social Optimizers think about the key factors are in effective organic search optimization. By the way, my name is Carl and I am one of the managing partners.

It really is ironic because we have provided and ghost written so many articles about SEO / SEM or Web Analytics for our clients and we never really took a second glance in claiming ownership of our words. Unfortunately, because of our contracts with our high level clients, we can never truly disclose these ghost written articles, however, we just have the ability to write original pieces of content for ourselves.